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Qurtaba City Islamabad

Qurtaba City is conceptualized based on brotherhood, harmony and Islamic social values by its developers. It is a city that is built on cultural and religious beliefs and offers its citizens an Islamic and educational environment. It is a unique housing project that promotes Islamic values and culture in Pakistan, along with modern facilities and a peaceful location.

The inspiration of Qurtaba City

The developers of Qurtaba City got the inspiration of the city from the ancient city of Qurtaba, located in Spain. In the modern day, the city previously known as Qurtaba has now been named “Corodoba.” Qurtaba city was the pioneer of development in eighth century and gave the world-renowned Scientist, Architects, Doctors, and Scholars. The concept of Street lights, Pavements and Footpaths also came from Qurtaba City. The idea of Indoor toilets was also firstly introduced in Qurtaba City.


The city of peace and knowledge Qurtaba City is a landmark project by Madinatul-Ilm. It is a no-profit no-loss based company associated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Qurtaba City Location

Located on the Motorway Chakri Interchange at the Potohar valley, between the rivers of Sill and Sawan, close by Khairi Moorat hills. The city provides its residents with the magnificence of a peaceful environment. It is situated at only 25 minutes away from the Islamabad International Airport

Qurtaba City Map

The map of the society is attached below:


It has easy access from Rawalpindi Saddar via Dhamial road as well as Lahore Islamabad motorway. You can easily get off the Chakri interchange from Motorway to the 100 ft. Wide road, which will connect you to this society.

Qurtaba City NOC

The housing project is registered against the NOC/TMO/105 approving the construction work. It is the only housing project located on Chakri road who’s NOC is approved by the government where the other housing scheme is not entitled to construction.


The city is built on over 7000 Kanal of land surrounded by the beautiful valleys of Potohar and  Sil River passing through its middle.

Qurtaba City Project Details

According to the master, the total land area is divided into the zones. Each zone is facilitated with modern amenities and good engineering work. The project work of zone 1 is near completion while the development of other zones is in process. Each zone is connected through a wide network of roads ranging from 100ft to 300ft.Each zone has its mosque, but the developers have planned a grand Mosque in Phase 1 to facilitate a large number of Muslims gathering for prayers.

Qurtaba City Payment Plan

Qurtaba City is proposing 138,272 &500 Sq Yards Residential plots at affordable rates on cash or easy 2.5-year installment plan.

Qurtaba City Facilities

Qurtaba City offers state of the art facilities, which are brilliant in design and architecture. Qurtaba City is equipped with all basic and lavish amenities including

  • Schools, Parks & Hospitals
  • Markets In Every Sector
  • 200 Kanal Grand Jamiah Mosque
  • 300 Ft. Wide Main Boulevard & 200 Ft. Wide Roads
  • A 70-Kanal Commercial Area
  • Community Club
  • 138, 272, and 500 Sq. Yard Plots
  • Qurtaba International University
  • Hotels, Offices, and Vertical
  • River-side Development
  • Woman-only Commercial Area
  • Safari Park, Zoo & Theme Park
  • Business Centers
  • Underground Electricity
  • Secure Gated Community
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Maintenance and Integrated Security
  • Sewerage System
  • Solid Waste Management and Disposal Systems

Qurtaba City makes a brilliant housing society that is both comfortable and dependable for its residents. The serenity, radiance, and luxury of the land make it an ideal project for investment and residence. It is a city where your dream of living a peaceful life comes true to give your family a perfect environment.

Qurtaba International University

Qurtaba International University will be constructed in zone 1 and has been planned to be built over an area of 750 Kanal. University will become a center of religious and modern studies for the whole community.

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

A Grand Jamia Masjid is a part of Qurtaba City with beautifully designed architecture and exceptional artwork demonstrating the ideology of Islam. Although there are mosques planned in every block of the society, this Grand Jamia Mosque is planning to be built with unique concept, modern design, and edge-cutting technology. The religious facility will feature beautiful tiled walls, marble floors, and iconic craftsmanship.

The total of the area this grand mosque will cover 190 Kanals which is 80,000 Sq. meters. The mosque will be equipped with the necessary lavish facilities for the people. The location of Mosque in the project has decided such that spectacular hills of Potohar circle it, and there is rich green, scenic natural views all around. The Mosque will play an integral part in the popularity of this society as it will be a major Islamic landmark not just in Islamabad but all over Pakistan.